Radio show brings ‘fresh’ sound to airwaves

The Fresh Water Radio Show is hosted by Joey B. Humble(right) and Mike "On the Mic" Miller(left)

Muskegon – The show motto is “Pure Music. Clean Sound. Fresh Hosts.” It makes perfect sense. The show is the Freshwater Radio Show, broadcast on Thursday nights on Muskegon 100.9 FM and is hosted by Joey B. Humble and Mike “On the Mic” Miller. The duo made their debut on January 24th of this year and are now settling comfortably into their 7:00-9:00 p.m. time slot.

“It’s all about being fresh,” said Humble. “Mike and I are fresh to the broadcast industry and our station is next to one of the largest freshwater lakes, thus the name makes sense.”

“What makes us fresh is that we engage our listeners and the people who call in,” added Miller. “We actually don’t play music unless our listeners want it. But we like to think of ourselves as Muskegon’s play list.”

Humble and Miller do more than just play music, they also play games with their listeners. One idea was a recent crazy trivia game. “I asked listeners to name non-domesticated animals that impacted different areas of the world,” said Miller. “The people with the correct answers got prizes. It’s been lots of fun.”

Since 100.9 is known for its diverse mix of music genres, it comes as no surprise that Freshwater follows that same pattern. The show’s music mix is all over the map. “We play a lot of classic and alternative rock, even songs from the 50s,” added Humble. “One caller requested a song that was played at his wedding.” Since fresh is the name, Humble and Miller try to stay away from a lot of new rap music which may have some questionable lyrics, but they try their best to accommodate every request.

Their own backgrounds are as diverse as the music they play. Humble sang for several rock bands in the Detroit area and played drums as well. “I enjoyed the hard rock and metal jams,” he said. “And as a kid I listened to and enjoyed a lot of the music my parents played, especially classic rock.”

Miller’s musical background was limited to playing in his junior high school band. But he got involved by going the production route. “I worked in the local Irish Music Fest on the production crew and did some set-up work for the Blue Men Group when they come to town,” he said. “It’s been a dream of mine to get into radio since I was seven years old.”

The Freshwater team is proud to play an active part in the Muskegon community, too. “We support our community by working with groups like the local Rotary Club,” added Humble. “We like to support local bands by playing their music, too. We like to keep it all local and always fresh.”

Humble and Miller are continually looking to add to their Muskegon playlist and they will be looking for listeners requests next Thursday night. Give them a call while they are on the air at 100.9 at (231)-739-1009. You can also visit them at


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